So you've bought the car of your've worked hard for it and you want to take it to the next level.  Why not, you deserve it.  You deserve to get behind the wheel of an 850+ horsepower Corvette and go anywhere, any time.

The Stage 4 F/I package is for you.  

It's an extremely invasive modification providing the right balance of strength, air flow and reliability- all working together in perfect harmony.  At this power level, the stock hypereutectic pistons and weak connecting rods aren't reliable - so we replace them with forged CP Pistons and Carrillo H-Beam Rods.  By doing so, we're able to reliably take your engine to places it was not engineered to go from the factory.  We mate the appropriate camshaft and cylinder heads that provide the airflow we need and you've got the total package.

Lastly, we add an Alky Control Methanol Injection System which provides the additional fueling we need to make this kind of power without the need of a pricey dedicated fuel system.  Meth injection sounds scary, but it's actually a simple bolt on system that requires almost no maintenance.  Just keep your meth reservoir full, and it does the rest. Methanol also helps to reduce IATs (Intake Air Temps).  When you reduce IATs, you make more power and reduce the chance for detonation on pump gas.  A win-win for any performance enthusiast.  We run VP M1 Methanol, 100% ONLY.  NO MIXING REQUIRED!


A&A Centrifugal Supercharger System, T Trim
Kooks 1 7/8" Longtube Header System, Offroad X pipe
Custom Lashway Motorsports Camshaft Kit with DOD/AFM Delete
PRC CNC Ported LT1 Cylinder Heads, Assembled
Alky Control Methanol Injection System, Dual Nozzle
CP Drop in Forged Piston and Rod Set
NGK Iridium Plug Set
Taylor Plug Wire Set
Professional Installation
Custom Dyno Tuning with Graph
Lashway Motorsports Plate Frame, Badging and Billet Valve Covers in custom color
 (2017+ Model Year add $200)

Our camshaft installation kits include the following items: 
.660" Dual Valve Springs with Titanium retainers
C5R Timing Chain
Bronze Trunnion Upgrade
Chromoly Pushrods
VVT Phaser Limiter Kit
DOD/AFM Delete kit
ARP Hardware
LS7 Lifters and Trays (upgraded lifters available upon request)
Synthetic Oil and Filter
Gaskets and Seals

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STAGE 4 F/I PERFORMANCE PACKAGE, Centrifugal Blower (850+ HP)

Product Information

  • Product Number: stage-4-fi-performance-package-centrifugal-blower-850-hp
  • $19,999.99