Looking to add a little boost to your C7?  Look no further than our variety of F/I (Forced Induction) performance packages specifically designed for the C7 LT1 Corvette.  We turned to the pros at A&A Corvette to build us a system that not only performed day in and day out, but looked great as well.  Their kits come in a high polished finish, standard.  Black is also available!  We include the T-Trim option on the head unit which is proven well into the 800+ HP range.  Typical installation and custom tuning is 2-3 days and you're back on the road causing mayhem...

How's an extra 200 ponies sound under the hood.  Give us a call today to find out!

A&A Centrifugal Supercharger System, T Trim
Kooks 1 7/8" Longtube Header System, Offroad X pipe
Taylor Plug Wire Set
NGK Iridium Plug Set
Professional Installation
Custom Dyno Tuning with Graph
Lashway Motorsports Plate Frame and Badging
(2017+ Model Year add $200)

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STAGE 1 F/I PERFORMANCE PACKAGE, Centrifugal Blower (625+ HP) 6.2L LT1

Product Information

  • Product Number: stage-1-fi-performance-package-centrifugal-blower-625-hp-62l-lt1
  • $9,999.99